About Amurt

Pedagogia Neo Humanista

A pedagogia Neo-Humanista dedica-se principalmente à primeira infância.

AMURT São Paulo, Brazil started in 2003 with only 45 children. Today Amurt has four learning centers in 3 different neighborhoods assisting around 500 children, and their families.

The Neo-humanist teaching method educates children and adolescents in a holistic way: it not only provides information to train students to be robots, pleasing teachers with the “right” answer.

School Curriculum:

  • We develop each child’s potential in: physical, mental and spiritual levels
  • Enhance thirst for knowledge and wisdom through learning
  • Encourage personal development in areas such as morality, integrity, self-confidence, self-discipline
  • Develop physical well-being and mental skills through yoga and meditation,
  • Develop a sense of aesthetics and taste for culture through theater, dance, music and other arts
  • Encourage students to become active and responsible citizens in society
  • Promote an ecological consciousness to encourage respect and attention for all living things
  • Encourage an universal perspective, free of discrimination of religion, race, creed or gender
  • Provide academic skills and other changes for the continuation of their education.

Activites included:

Music Class, Capoeira, Painting, drawing, Yoga/Meditation, Free and directed, Theater , Literature , Computer Science, Arts and Field Trips

Amurt programs around the wolrd: https://www.amurt.net

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